Silverlake – Paradise Place album
released on 2nd April 2021
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A taste of Paradise

Paradise Place. Is it faded bricks and mortar, a sickly sweet perfume, or a bittersweet place in Robs mind?

Find the egg.

The album generated Silverlakes first radio airplay…‘Your Power Is Off’ turned up and got the Bebop to Hip-hop listeners tuned in / turned on.

Did we use a Zoom effects box to record vocals Shez? Acid Kiss took the breath out of clubbing and returned us to the jazz club. For a while…
Hang in the shadows / try not to get thrown out. We haven’t paid our subs. ‘Yeah man, ackers next week’.

If I could just find it – in some remote discotheque there is a DJ playing the 12” New Boots, dancing on his own.

‘Backtime’ always made me cry. I think it was Silverlake’s first really final mix and the first time I really got how great our trio could be.
No Vocoder, just the S-Acme Mouse Organ voice and a sprinkle of Silverlake sadness.

‘My Reaction’ is a live favourite to get the tight toe tapping started. Is that a tear in Rob’s eye?

It looks like a cooler time out there – but there’s some warmth in that beautiful groove.

Now life’s tough. Call me / whistle me up a taxi / hey taxi driver. I wanna go back to Paradise Place.

About Paradise Place

After our 'Shutdown' EP, some nice people asked where they could get other stuff. We said 'well, nowhere at the moment...', but it did prompt us to work on making our first album 'Paradise Place' available again. So, armed only with his ears, Tony Sherrard has spent much of the 2020/21 Coronavirus lockdowns remastering the album. It's out now. I don't know if it wears its age well, that's for you to say, but despite our gargantuan levels of self-criticism, we think it still sounds pretty good.

Whilst doing this, we decided to right another wrong. We had originally planned to release 'Your Power Is Off' from the album as a single and received some nice feedback and radio airplay for it at the time. However, being beset by a few problems, we didn't get it together. So at last, we've also released the remastered track as a single, with a newly edited video to go with it.

Part therapy, part lifeline, Silverlake's 'Paradise Place' brings back memories of troubled times for us. It's partly a sad, wistful place, but it's also full of energy, life, sex, truth and dancing.

For the technically minded...

'Paradise Place' was the first, self-produced Silverlake album and we recorded it on an old Mac and an early version of Cubase. It was a learning experience - learning to record, mix and master as we went along - but the results seemed pretty good. As with everything, the more you learn the better you get and with that in mind we've taken the opportunity to go back and revisit Paradise Place. We couldn't go back into the tracks to remix them because they were recorded in what is now a legacy version of Cubase, but we have taken the original pre-masters and applied new mastering processes to them, which has produced results that we're pretty happy with.

Paradise Place album
1. It Won't Run Without You
2. My Reaction
3. Take Me (With My New Boots On)
4. Supercharged
5. Cooler Time
6. Hook
7. Your Power Is Off
8. Let it ride
9. Backtime
10. Acid Kiss

Silverlake is:
Sally-Ann Parker – vocals
Tony Sherrard – bass, programming and production
R. R. Dallaway – words, guitar, keyboards

Your Power Is Off video

Silverlake – Your Power Is Off EP
released on 19th March 2021
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Your Power Is Off EP – Silverlake

Lest it should worry you, this is not a new track…

"We texted each other in spun-out disbelief as 'Your Power Is Off' slotted easily into BBC’s John Cavanagh 'Bebop to Hip-Hop' jazz show, next to Miles Davis. First airplay for Silverlake's prayer for deliverance from obsession. A long time ago.

What time is it again? 1971? 2021? It makes no difference to us, we have all the time in the world, don’t we?

Where are we going now? Paradise Place?"

Despite the enthusiastic response to ‘Your Power Is Off’ at the time, Silverlake didn’t release the single as planned. So here it is now, remastered by Tony Sherrard. From the forthcoming remastered, re-released album “Paradise Place’.

Your Power Is Off EP
1. Your Power Is Off
2. Black Ponytail (Basehart Remix)

Silverlake is:
Sally-Ann Parker – vocals
Tony Sherrard – bass, programming and production
R. R. Dallaway – words, guitar, keyboards

About the video

"Sally-Ann, where are you? I can’t quite see you…  you're breaking up… what’s that sculpture and who the hell is that in the red wig behind you? Are you in a swivel chair?

Stay on the line and I’ll get some help. What? You’ll be OK? OK, watch out for that blue smoke...

Made under the constraints of Covid lockdown three, R. R. Dallaway dreamed up the content for a low tech scratch video for ‘Your Power Is Off’ and Sally-Ann shot the performance clips with an iPhone and a sock-covered torch. Eat your heart out, Spielberg. Rob put it all together and here it is...

Your Power Is Off video