When sparkly doomed indie dance band 'vivarama' imploded, Sally-Ann Parker, Tony Sherrard and Robin Dallaway carried on clubbing, dancing and writing songs.

Rob had been a founder member of jazz-punk collosals, 'The Cravats' and indie beat combo 'The Very Things'.

Rob and Shez dragged Ms. Parker out of the pub, plugged her in, cranked her up, and started digging her a pool. And it filled up with 1970's soul and funk, The Coen Brothers, Be-Bop, David Lynch, groovy Californian pop, Miles Davis, Jackson Pollack, Roxy Music, chill-out and lounge sounds.

The first Silverlake tune was 'Twist', still unreleased, then there was the bitter-sweet album 'Paradise Place'. 'Black Ponytail' is a new single from a soon to be released album. Now they're way out there, swimming in the silverlake...